Mojo AI Agent Platform is a cloud-based agent orchestration software

For Enterprises to build and deploy conversational agents that understand human emotions.


Goal Oriented

Set goals that the agent takes care of. It can be a simple question or a complex task. The agent will take care of it.


The agent will learn about the user and adapt to their needs. It will remember the user’s preferences and use them to personalize the experience.

Proactive AI Guidance

An agent that cares about their goals is a proactive agent. It will guide the user to the goal and make sure it’s achieved.


Don't worry about orchestration.
That's our platform's job.

AI Agents built with our technology are versatile and cross platform. They can be used from mobile, to the web application seamlessly.

24/7 at work

Integrated with your IT

Retrieve web data

Control your data

Seamless integration

Data Management

Our platform is built to be integrated with your IT infrastructure. It can be used to retrieve data from the web and control your data.

Data management flow

Adjust the data flow to your needs. Our platform is built to be integrated with your IT infrastructure.

Upload your data

Start from where your data is. Upload it to our platform and speed up the efficiency of your business.

Keep your data updated

Plug in your data sources* and keep your AI Agent updated on top of the freshest data.

* Some integrations require a custom API

Features detail

A complete AI Agent orchestration software

From perception, to reasoning, to acting, our AI Agent is a complete software that can be used to automate your business.


Traditional UI

Automated Speech Recognition (ASR)

Face and Voice Emotion Recognition

Data Streaming API


Real-time Conversation

Asynchronous Tasks

Emotion Engine

Tasks API


Web & Mobile Integration

Expressive Interface

Tools Integration API

Interface API


Controled AI Agent autonomy

Content filtering

Flexible deployment

Data encryption


How to use Mojo AI Agents in your business

SaaS Product

 Start with our SaaS product

Start simple

Try a ready-to-use AI agent and figure out for yourself how much time you gain.


Your digital teammate, excels at tedious tasks, freeing you to focus on relationships and sales. Accessible via web, Chrome extension, mobile app, or email, it provides proactive, tailored support, boosting efficiency and enhancing customer interactions.

Discover Mojodex
Enterprise Solution

 Let's Build your own

Business Challenge

You know what you want and need control over data, user trainings, specific tasks to match your process, integrate with your tools


Work with our AI Agents experts to build your own AI agent. We will help you define the scope, the data, the training, the deployment and the integration with your tools.

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